Het VAVO Lyceum van Twente biedt het vwo-programma Engels voor volwassenen als éénjarige opleiding aan.

Do you need to use English professionally on a regular basis? Would you like to be able to express yourself well in all four English skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing? Would you like to enhance your career prospects by mastering English at an advanced level?

Then enrol in the VWO English Course at the Vavo Lyceum of Twente! You will be working towards obtaining a nationally recognised certificate, confirming your English skills to be at VWO level.


The VWO English Course programme

VAVO Lyceum of Twente offers a VWO English course for adults. Students are placed in small classes and are taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. Of course, classes are in English.

Besides improving skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, time is also spent on grammar, vocabulary, British culture and English Literature. The Literature part of the course deals with famous authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, and Dickens.

As the final exam held in May strongly appeals to students’ intensive reading skills, it is only logical that exam training is also an essential part of the course.

Students’ language skills will be assessed via an Entry Test, taken at the start of the year. Following the results of this test, teachers design personalised learning routes with students. This way, students focus on those aspects which need improvement most, making the course more effective and fulfilling.

You are invited and strongly encouraged to offer suggestions, relate stories and express ideas in order to improve and personalise the VWO English course programme.

Admission requirements

No special requirements are set. It is recommendable to have a “Havo” certificate or diploma but this is not obligatory. Being an avid reader is highly recommended.

As English Literature is part of the programme, students are asked to ‘dig’ into history by reading excerpts, summaries and short stories. Once again, students’ personal input is highly appreciated.

Besides reading a variety of materials for Literature, students also have to read 3 novels. A set list of approved titles is provided. However, since we appreciate and stimulate personal input, students are free to have personal favourites approved.

The teachers of the English Department at the VAVO consider reading an essential aspect of learning the English language. Reading is also important for developing knowledge of British culture. In other words: be willing to read, then read some more, and maybe even read double plus more afterwards.

Study load

The VAVO VWO English course is a full-term course. Each week a class is given, which lasts 135 minutes. This class will be given in the evening. Homework is set for about an hour to an hour and a half per week. This highly depends on students, skills and abilities.


Time and place

Classes start September 2018. A course year consists of 21 weeks, 3 test weeks and one day for the final exam. Classes are given at the VAVO Lyceum of Twente, Piet Heinstraat 4-6, Enschede. Time slot: Tuesday evening, 19:15 - 21:45.

Costs involved:

Fee: Є195,-- a year. Books and other materials included.


Used teaching methods:

Finish Up, Alquin Advanced Magazine and 4 readers.

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Enrol – preferably before 1 September 2018- in this course by clicking the button: "Meld je aan". After enrolment students will receive an invitation for an interview.